MP launches a new range of car “FULL AMBIENTUM”

MP Participates in the Lift Symposium 2018
22 October, 2018
MP consider safety as a priority
4 January, 2019
Through the launch to market of the new range FULL AMBIENTUM, MP Lifts takes a further step in terms of car interior decoration by enlarging the MP CARevolution model.

From now on, the walls of lacquered glass are three, all of them customisable with the various decorative proposals for wall panels, mirrors, handrails, lightings, car operating panels, etc.
FULL AMBIENTUM enables customers to choose among the different finishes collected in MP’s catalogue, but also to make a decision to build his own decoration, combining colours, inserting pictures onto the various car walls or COPs. As its predecessor did, this new range integrates the latest methods on ECO-DESIGN, the high-tech light, providing a perfect lighting diffusion over the roof area, the optimisation of wall thickness and the total weight of the car. From a conceptual point of view, all these steps forward are focused on making easier the assembly and maintenance tasks, with a minimum impact on the environment, but reducing to a maximum the energy consumption and without weakening the features. In this way, it may suit any market and meet the most demanding customers and architects.
The MP CARevolution car is provided with the FUSION COP which is entirely configurable and integrates a series of finishes that can match the car walls or be freely combined, according to the client’s aesthetic criterion. Like with FULL AMBIENTUM, the customer can choose a different colour or even insert his own style picture. Furthermore, the FUSION COP is provided with 7”-LCD or TFT displays that can be configured to get a better adapted and differentiated communication with the final user of the lift, as per the type of building where the lift is located. On the other hand, the FUSION COP, associated to the FULL AMBIENTUM car model, can be directly assembled on the glass wall, thus giving more freedom when organising and decorating the car inside.

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