MP Participates in the Lift Symposium 2018

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1 oktober, 2018
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24 oktober, 2018
MP gave a presentation at the 9th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies 2018, which took place on the 19th and 20th of September in Northampton (UK). Around 130 international representatives from leading multinational lift companies, part manufacturers, installation companies, consultancy companies, associations, certification bodies and members of the university community were present.
This event has put MP firmly on the international map of the lift sector, showing the capacity of MP's team to take on new technological challenges. Presentations dealt with topics of great relevance, such as engineering, vertical traffic, simulations, safety, maintenance, etc. In terms of presentations, MP focused on new approaches for complying with EMC requirements.

MP's presentation dealt with MP's achievements in terms of meeting the particular requirements of the ITER project, innovation in classification and the development of new test instruments. During this project, an innovative process has been applied for analysing requirements and simulating different scenarios, which have allowed us to achieve a high level of efficiency in tests, where requirements have been met.
Our colleagues, Carlos Feria, who gave the presentation, and Rowan Lebbink, who was also present at the event, both represented MP at the Lift Symposium.

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